Woodhull Township

Woodhull Township


Woodhull Township Park Commission

Chairman: Cathy Provines
Secretary: Paula Palmatier
Treasurer: Cindy Bawks
Trustee: Justine Bell
Trustee: Paula Hill

Park open May-October
9:00 am- 9:00 pm or Dusk (whichever occurs first)

The mission of the Woodhull Township Park Commission is to protect and enhance the nature and resources of the park while creating a welcoming, inclusive and safe place for people of all ages to gather to strengthen mind, body and community.

The beautiful 18 acre land was donated to the residents of Woodhull Township in 1960 by the Shaft/Jones families.  The deed contains a requirement that the Township would annually maintain and make improvements for the community.

The Woodhull Township Park was established in 1976.  A board was established to over-see the development and maintenance of said park.  A park plan was drawn up, which was approved the the State of Michigan and a grant received from the State of Michigan, in good faith, by the Woodhull Township towards the purchase of said property and to start improvements.

The Woodhull Township Park Commission has worked diligently to improve and maintain the park while working within the park budget approved by the Board.

There are two ball fields, one mile paved walking trail, two pavilions, a large playground for young children and wheel chair accessible equipment. Port-a-Jons are available as well as a handicapped accessible unit.  There is handicap parking.

The park offers many summer events including Children’s Art Days, Storytime, Nature Days and Food Trucks.   The park is also used by baseball and softball leagues, family reunions, graduation parties, funeral dinners, and local church events.


  • All Dogs Must Be On Leash
  • Remove All Dog Waste
  • No Camping
  • No motorized vehicles on walking trail


Events in October 2023

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Park Reserations