Woodhull Township

Woodhull Township

Woodhull Township Historical Information

The History of Woodhull Township

Woodhull Township was organized in 1838.  The first township meeting was held in 1839.  At that time , Woodhull Township included what is presently Sciota Township.  The two townships were separated in 1842. 

The Village of Shaftsburg was founded in Woodhull Township by John Shaft on part of the 2,380 acres he owned.  This village in the 1880’s had several stores, a hotel, post office, blacksmith shop, a school and several churches.   

Today Shaftsburg has a fire station, convenience store, post office, several churches and small businesses.  There is a picturesque park with two well-maintained ball fields, two pavilions, children’s playground, and a paved one mile walking trail.  This park is used for family, community and church gatherings.  Baseball and softball leagues utilize the park as well, and walkers and joggers enjoy the trail.   

Today there are approximately 4,000 residents in Woodhull Township.  There are seven sub-divisions and sixty miles of paved and gravel roads.  A portion of the State of Michigan Rose Lake Wildlife Reserve is located in the township.  The Township has a highly trained  and efficient emergency services staff; a partnership of the Laingsburg, Sciota, Woodhull Emergency Services Authority. 

The current Township Hall was purchased from the Woodhull Township School District in 1962.  The former school building had two rooms.  The partition was removed and the large space is now used for community meetings (AA), the monthly music jamboree gathering (for over 20 years), reunions, county services; i.e., Woodhull Township Regular Board Meetings, Park Commission and Planning Commission meetings , WIC.  The Annex was added in 2000 where the Township Offices are now located.

The State of Michigan Historical Commission has designated the Woodhull Township Hall (the former Shaftsburg School) as a State Historical Building.  This designation will be listed in the State Register of Historical Sites.

A marker demonstrating this declaration will be located at the Township Hall at 7315 W. Beard Rd in Shaftsburg.  The marker will display information about the old Shaftsburg School on one side and on the reverse side it will display historical  Woodhull Township government data.  A memorial brick platform will enhance the landscape setting of the historical marker.  Bricks may be purchased to place on the memorial platform in remembrance of family members who had a historical connection to this building.  Details will be placed on this page when the information becomes available.

The memorial bricks are being installed! It is not to late to honor your friend or family member with roots in the Old Shaftsburg School or Woodhull Township Hall. Click on the brick flyer link and order your memorial brick today!