How Can A Township Finance Road Improvements?

Although townships have no obligation to expend any funds on roads, townships are authorized to appropriate general fund monies into the county road fund for maintenance or improvement of county roads or state trunk line highways pursuant to an agreement with the road commission or the state highway. Such authorization is discretionary and not mandatory. (MCL 247.670)

By a vote of the electors, a township can levy a tax not to exceed 6 mills to raise funds for county road improvements. (MCL 247.670)

Townships can also secure funds by establishing road special assessment districts and issuing special assessment bonds.  

Obligations Of Townships To Fund Road Improvements

Public Act 51 of 1951, MCL 247.651, et seq, which required Michigan county road commissions to take over all public streets and alleys outside of incorporated cities and villages as either county or primary roads.

A township has no legal obligation to maintain or repair county roads.

Resource Shiawassee County Road Commission

   Primary               Local Paved              Local Gravel              Subdivisions                         Total
    23.11                     8.84                            20.02                          8.27                                60.24