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This page contains information about the Clerk's responsibilities to the residents of Woodhull township.



The statutory duties of the clerk are numerous, technical and legally essential to the proper operation of Woodhull Township.


  • The clerk has custody of all records, books and papers of the township.  All records must be kept by the clerk in a safe and proper place where they are not exposed to any unusual hazard of fire or theft.
  • The clerk must also open and keep an account with the treasurer, charging the treasurer with all funds which are received by the treasurer by virtue of that office. The clerk credits the treasurer with monies paid out on order of the proper township authorities.
  • The clerk is required to keep a separate account for each of the several funds belonging to the township, crediting and debiting the same in accordance with proper receipts and warrants drawn by the township treasurer.
  • The clerk must prepare and maintain the journals and ledgers necessary to reflect the assets, liabilities, fund equities, revenues and expenditures for each fund of the township.
  • The clerk is in charge of voter registration within the township and must keep appropriate voter registration records.
  • The clerk, supervisor and treasurer constitute the election commission in a general law township (MCL 168.26).
  • The clerk must deliver certified copies of all the township clerk's certificates for levying taxes to the supervisor and the county clerk (MC 211.26(1)).
  • The clerk is required to "transcribe" the minutes in the official township record book (MCL 41.66).
  • The clerk must post all regular and special township meetings (MCL 15.265).
  • The clerk is required to keep the official ordinance book containing all duly adopted ordinances of the township (MCL 41.185(1)).