Laingsburg, Sciota, Woodhull Emergency Services (LSW)


Woodhull Township is an incorporated unit of the Laingsburg, Sciota, Woodhull Emergency Services Authority. They are highly trained fire fighters and ambulance emergency personnel who serve 24/7 and 365 days per year.  The Inter local agreement serves all of the residents of Laingsburg City, Sciota Township and Woodhull Township.                            

There are two fire stations. LSW Station 1 is located in the City of Laingsburg on Woodbury Road.  LSW Station 2 is located in Shaftsburg at the intersection of Shaftsburg Road and W. Beard Road.                                  

MEMBERS  OF the Laingsburg-Sciota-Woodhull Emergency Services Authority Command, including the new chief, are
    shown:  From left, Chief James Betts, Assistant Chief John McDougall, Deputy Chief Bernie Cook, Captain Dan DeKorte,
    Captain Jeff Peterson and Captain Craig Garrett.

Department Business Office Calls:    (517) 651-2638
Fire Chief: James Betts  
Assistant Chief: John Mcdougall  
Deputy Chief Bernie Cook  


The Fire Department is looking for volunteers!  if interested, please call:  

James Betts   (517) 651-2638

WOODHULL TWP. --- James Betts has served for 26 years as a firefighter and officer for the Laingsburg-Sciota-Woodhull Emergency Services Authority.  Now he’s the chief. Betts was    promoted by the fire board into the top spot, effective Nov. 1, taking over for his father, longtime Chief Rick Betts, who is retiring. “James is very dedicated to his job – he takes his position very seriously,” said Woodhull Township Supervisor-elect and current Treasurer Pamela Slee. “He’s well deserving of the honor of being chosen as fire chief.”
     Betts, 43, a decades-long team player who’s now in charge of 37 firefighters and 15 EMS personnel, said he’s happy about the change but is still getting used to it.  “Honestly, it’s still kind of new. It hasn’t settled in with me yet,” he said.
     The position of fire chief is part-time; however, Betts said he’s planning to put in at least 40 hours, depending on the level of fire calls. He’s also a full-time employee of the State of Michigan, delivering internal mail.
     “When I’m not at my other job, I’m here,’ Betts said Monday from his desk inside an LSW Authority fire station. “It’s giving back to the community. This is the community I live in, so this is the community I give back to.”
     Betts lives with his wife and son in Woodhull Township, where Betts, a Perry High School graduate, also grew up in. In his limited spare time, he said he and his son enjoy going camping and hunting.
     As a member of the LSW Authority – in the role of firefighter, lieutenant, captain and deputy chief – Betts said he’s seen it all over the years.

     “Everything from house fires to traffic accidents to Johnny cut his thumb – we’ve been there,’ he said. Betts praised the good communication and camaraderie among the LSW Authority staff.  “From the top down, everybody works together,’ he said. “The best part is the friendships and the atmospheres.”

          The LSW Authority boasts 21 fire trucks, two ambulances and three fire stations. Its coverage area spans the city of Laingsburg, and Woodhull, Sciota and Victor Townships. Looking ahead, Betts said the authority is in good shape while noting there is always room for improvement.
     “We’re going to move together as a group so nobody gets left behind,’ Betts said. “We’re going to move in the direction the world takes us.”  Courtesy of Meridian Weekly



Burning Permits     

Burning permits may be obtained by calling (517) 651-2638 between 8:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. - Monday thru Friday.  Please leave a message on the recorder, someone will get back to you.  PLEASE DO NOT BURN WITHOUT A PERMIT.  Permits are FREE!; burning without one can cost you a fine.